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Beginning January 1, 2024, Sequoia Pediatric Dentistry will no longer be in-network with Delta Dental.

To our valued patients,

After much thought, our practice will be opting out as contracted providers in Delta Dental’s network. This change to becoming out-of-network providers will begin JANUARY 1st, 2024. Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to practice as in-network providers as Delta Dental’s reimbursements for treatment have not increased.

By going out-of-network with Delta we will be able to:

- Continue a high standard of care for patients

- Maintain a supportive working environment for staff

- Continue to improve our facilities and equipment

What does this mean for our patients?

You can continue to be a patient of our practice, and we hope you do!

We will now process your insurance as an out-of-network provider. Delta Dental will send payment for dental procedures only to the patient (you), rather than the provider (us). You will be responsible for payment for your dental visit in full, at the time of service. We can continue to submit your dental insurance claims on your behalf, and Delta Dental will reimburse you directly.

Your reimbursement will vary since we are out-of-network. For the majority of Delta Dental plans, the amount reimbursed will be less than the cost of treatment. Some Delta Dental plans will reimburse near or at 100% for general cleanings and check-ups. We recommend allocating funds to an HSA or FSA plan so you may use it to pay for treatment. Our team will be available to provide reimbursement estimates for your dental visits.

Known Delta Dental insurances that reimburse very well out of network (close to100%, many more exist): Amgen, Delta Airlines, Disney, Dover Corp, Electronic Arts, Fox, Gen Digital, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Momentive, Netflix, Palo Alto Networks, Moelis & Company, Riot Games, Rivian, Uber, Wells Fargo

Known Delta Dental insurances that will result in a estimated $100-200 per cleaning visit net cost to patient after reimbursement: Activision, Amazon, Cal State, Cal Tech, Cedars, City of LA, Directors Guild, Google, Kaiser, Lionsgate, Mattel, Meta, Motion Picture, Nvidia, Northrup, Paypal, Redbull, Santa Monica City, SAG, Sony, Socal Group Physicians ( Kaiser), UCLA, USC, Wonderful Co.

There are thousands of Delta Dental plans from different states with different underwriting. For most plans, you should expect at least partial reimbursement from Delta Dental for what you pay at our office.

You have the option of finding a new in-nework provider by contacting Delta Dental or using their online dentist finder.

We realize that this change may be challenging for some, but please know we do this with the patient’s quality of care in mind. Our staff will be here to help answer any questions so you can better understand this change moving forward. We greatly appreciate your patronage and hope to continue to take care of you, your loved ones, and our own families.

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