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First Dental Visit Tips

You can make your child’s first visit enjoyable and positive. Tell your child in advance that they will be meeting some nice grownups that will help them take care of their teeth. For younger children, try reading some children books before your visit.  Here at Sequoia Pediatric Dentistry, we have a library of First Dental Visit books available for you to borrow.  Swing by our office and pick up a copy!

1) Practice with your child instructing him/her to open their mouth while laying down in the knee to knee position.

2) Inform your child that we will be counting and brushing his/her teeth

3) And the most important thing to remember is that ANXIETY IS CONTAGIOUS!  Children hear and absorb a lot more than we think.  Do not refer to the dental visit in a negative manner or as a form of punishment.  Please do not say the following lines: "I hated going to the dentist", "The dentist scares me", "It'll just hurt a little", "You better brush your teeth or the dentist is going to pull out all your teeth!"

At Sequoia Pediatric Dentistry, we try our hardest to make each visit a positive and successful experience. We will not force you or your child to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about children's teeth

By filling out our new patient forms prior to your visit, this will help us serve you better!

Our office policy



We work with many PPO dental insurances. Some of the benefit plans we partner with include:



It is easy to get lost in the world of dental insurance plans! We will work with you to maximize your dental benefits for covered procedures. Don't see your provider? Please give us a call or email and we will be happy to help you! 





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United Health

and many more!

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Patient health and the safety of dental treatments are an important goal of Sequoia Pediatric Dentistry. Download the info sheet below to read the information concerning the risks and benefits of all the dental materials used in the restoration (filling) of teeth. We are available to discuss more with you and about the filling materials being considered for your particular treatment.

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