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To the families of Sequoia Pediatric Dentistry,

Please know that patient safety is our number one priority.  We are implementing many changes in the office in order to reduce the number of touch points and social contacts.

Before your appointment:

A covid questionnaire will need to be filled out, if anyone in the household is displaying any symptoms, we will reschedule the appointment.

Only patients with appointments and one parent/guardian is allowed in the office

After you arrive at the office:

When you arrive at the office, please text our office at 650-569-1680 with your child(ren)'s name to check in.

We will text/call you to let you know when your room is ready.  Please come on in!

When you enter, you might notice that our waiting room is "closed".  We have removed all toys, books, and other hard to disinfect items from the office.

We will take everyone's temperatures and sanitize everyone's hands

You will be escorted quickly into the treatment area.


When you are done with your visit, if you do not need to speak with the front desk, we will escort you to exit out our back exit, thereby completing a one way visit!

Coming soon - we will have the capability to pay online if you have a balance or copay.

Enhanced Sterilization:

In addition to our medical grade disinfectants, we have added medical grade air purifiers around the office to reduce the number of aerosols in the air.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve.  Thank you for reading!

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